Ian Russell

Top Congressional strategist

Ian Russell joined Beacon Media after six years at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

He most recently served as Deputy Executive Director and National Political Director. In that role, he oversaw the committee’s Red to Blue program for challengers in a cycle where Democrats flipped 9 Republican-held seats despite Democrats losing the presidential race. He also oversaw the committee’s Frontline program for vulnerable incumbents.

In 2012, Russell served as the DCCC’s Midwest Political Director. He navigated the redistricting process in Illinois on behalf of the committee, leading to a pick-up up four congressional seats from that state due to newly-competitive maps.

Prior to rising up the ranks at DCCC, Russell worked on federal and state campaigns in the Midwest, including aiding US Senator Ben Nelson’s re-election in 2006, serving as chief strategist to Democratic state Senators in Nebraska’s unique Unicameral Legislature, and working for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign in Iowa in 2003 and early 2004.